Keep your
desktop clean

Clean up your desktop with few simple clicks.

Windows & Mac OS
How does it work?

Desky cleans your desktop by moving files to special folders. You can choose how often you want it to clean and which files or folders your want to skip. Desky can even compress your desktop into .zip archives!

We’re all tired of having messy desktops!

Set Desky to clean your desktop every hour, everyday, every week or every month.
Clean your desktop whenever you feel it's messy just by clicking on Desky's tray icon.
Any files you want to keep on the desktop? Just mark them as exceptions. They will be skipped.
Sometimes your files take too much space. Desky can compress your desktop to zip archive.
Simple & Intuitive

Desky was designed to be a simple and useful tool for everyone. Most important functionality shrinked into few simple options.

DESKTOP ARCHIVE LOCATION - Location where your archives are going to be stored.

Ask for name - If checked, Desky will ask for name of your archive whenever you manually clean your desktop.

ARCHIVE FREQUENCY - Determines how frequent Desky should clean your desktop. 'On Demand' option allows only manual clean ups by clicking Desky's tray icon.

ZIP archive - Compresses your desktop into .ZIP file.